String Bag - Large (Cream)
String Bag - Large (Cream)String Bag - Large (Cream)String Bag - Large (Cream)String Bag - Large (Cream)
String Bag - Large (Cream)
String Bag - Large (Cream)String Bag - Large (Cream)String Bag - Large (Cream)String Bag - Large (Cream)

String Bag - Large (Cream)$6.95 AUD

:Single Bag

'Avoska' String Bag - Large (Cream)

String bag from yesteryear, super strong and super lightweight

"Avoska" roughly means "just in case bag" as it easily fits in a pocket just in case you might come across some things you wanted to buy. It was historically pretty much the only shopping bag option in Eastern Europe before plastic bags took over local supermarkets.

Perfect for carrying bulky/heavy items like watermelons (try carrying a 10kg watermelon in a plastic bag!) or potatoes.

Also great for carrying and storing sports equipment, e.g. soccer/tennis/basketball/golf balls

Machine washable, reusable, extremly durable, environmentally friendly.

Size: 60 cm long nylon mesh bag, width expands to approximately 50 cm

Larger bag weighs 23 grams but can hold at least 30kg (tested with a kettlebell!)

Like all of our products, our reusable produce bags come to you free of any plastic packaging, helping to further reduce landfill.

Shipping for this item within Australia is only $1.95, or $0.25 with another item of same or greater shipping cost.

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