Being an ethical consumer

It may seem like a small decision but making smarter choices when you shop like using reusable bags, bamboo toothbrushes or choosing tap water all help in the fight to save the oceans and the animals who depend on them, including us.

This great info-graphic from the Ocean Conservators illustrates the damage we are doing to our oceans:

There is lots and lots of information available about being a greener consumer and living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Here are some tree-free e-book ideas to get you started.

To help our customers make better purchasing decisions we would like to share some great resources about ethical and sustainable consuming.

This article helps explain our choice of company motto; Greener - Fairer - Better.

5 Principles of Ethical Consuming - a guide to more sustainable purchasing

(with thanks to Ethical Consumer Guide )

  1. Every purchase makes an impact - every choice you make about every purchase can make a difference. Try to think beyond just price and convenience, think about the true cost of a purchase including its impact on the environment and humankind.
  2. Avoid unnecessary consumption - where possible avoid unnecessary consumption. Think about the impact of excess packaging and disposable items.
  3. Learn about the issues - unfortunately ensuring you are making responsible choices when shopping is not as easy as it first seems. Programs such as FairTrade are only relevant to products like coffee and chocolate & Ethical Clothing accreditation does not cover 'other textiles'.
  4. Seek out a BEST BUY - Ask yourself 'what do I value?' to help you make the decision about which products are the best buy. As an example Fair Trade Coffee is a great product and you have made an informed choice if you choose it, but Organic Fairtrade Coffee could be a better choice having positive outcomes for fair trade and the environment. Remember no products are perfect and you will have to prioritise your values.
  5. Make a lasting change- Once you have found a best-buy, make it a habit to continue buying it or using it. Vote with your dollar and provide positive feedback to companies who are doing it right.

At Jillby Eco we strive to provide you with information and products that fit these values as much as possible.

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